TronMec Prototypes

Whether it is a Rapid Prototype for Form and Fit checking, or a fully functioning prototype, TronMec can provide both.

The concept of Rapid Prototyping is to build a solid model of your design or idea and allow you to confirm the overall concept including visuals, size / shape and accuracy therefore eliminating potential costly re-tooling. Because 3D parts can be created very quickly your ideas can be finalised knowing that the finished part is going to succeed.

We offer a full Prototyping service which includes:

• SLA - Stereolithography including high resolution
• SLS - Selective Laser Sintering
• Vacuum Castings
• Metal Castings
• Painted finishes
• Functional PCB's

The applications for Rapid Prototyping which is now an important part of Product Design and development are:

• Product testing/design verification and early market testing
• Limited or small batch production runs
• Early product promotion and sales aids
• Tool inserts and aids

TronMec SLA Prototypes